DTS is an upcoming hyper-deflationary DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. A love letter to an era of computing that has long since passed, as well as an attempt to revitalize that retro vibe.

So you’re interested in DTS, eh?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

DTS is a fairly simple token. It’s both a love letter to an era of computing that has long since passed, as well as attempt to revitalize that retro aesthetic and feeling.

DTS is a frictionless, hyper-deflationary token that lays the foundation of our decentralized ecosystem. The inner mechanics of the token are straight to the point, and incentivize a long-term hold:

  • 1. 14% tax on all trades.
  • 2. 5% is redistributed to all holders.
  • 3. 5% is automatically added to the token’s liquidity pool.
  • 4. 2% is deposited in our marketing / development wallet.
  • 5. 2% is burned.

Any tokens not included in the presale have been burned. Any tokens not sold in the presale will be burned. There are zero team tokens on launch. Due to the automatic redistribution to our team wallet, our team’s success and incentive is directly and inherently tied to the token’s success.

How do you find us you may be asking? Go to DTSToken.co




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